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Adoption Attorneys in O’Fallon, MO

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The adoption process is complex and requires a substantial amount of time, patience, and even money when it comes to the necessary fees. In order to make sure you are going to provide a child with a loving and nurturing home, you’ll have to complete a complex and often-trying process that includes interviews, paperwork, home inspections, social worker visits, and much more. However, with assistance from an O’Fallon adoption lawyer, this process could be one of the most rewarding ones you’ll go through in your life.

At Winghaven Law, LLC, we understand how passionate and dedicated you are to completing the adoption process, and we want nothing more than to help you succeed the first time. We align our goals with yours and provide you with exceptional guidance and counsel for your case in order to ensure you not only get the outcome you’re seeking, but receive unparalleled client service in doing so. We know what the adoption process entails, and we’re not afraid to help you face the challenges with confidence.

Call Winghaven Law, LLC today at (636) 594-7796 to request a case evaluation and obtain the help you need when going through the adoption process.

Domestic vs. International Adoption

You can choose to adopt a child from here in the United States or from parents abroad through an international adoption program. The processes for both types of adoption are extremely rigorous and requires a tremendous amount of patience, however with international adoptions there are loads of extra laws that you need to follow in addition to the U.S. adoption laws and procedures.

The adoption process generally proceeds as follows:

  • Locate a child: this can be done through an adoption agency, foster care system, friends, physician advertisements, or even through religious institutions like a church or online.
  • Home study: Once the process begins, the state will conduct a home study to ensure you and your family provide an ideal fit for the child. This process is extensive, thorough, involves several visits from a social worker, and takes as much as six to eight weeks.
  • Background assessment: Before a child can be placed into their new home, their identifying information as well as the information from their birth parents must be collected. This includes everything from physical descriptions to medical history and ethnic background (including any Native American tribe or Alaskan Native village heritage). This way a child can later access this information for their own benefit.
  • Birth parental right relinquishment: The birth parents must agree to relinquish their rights through either termination or consent to adoption.
  • Receiving the child: You will then be eligible to receive the child, and they’ll be placed in your custody temporarily for six months in order for the adoption to be finalized.
  • Finalizing the adoption: After the six month temporary custody period has passed, you’ll have to appear in court for a hearing that finalizes the adoption and grants you the same rights as if the child were your own biological child.

Along the way, you’ll face significant trials and extensive legal hurdles. Make sure your rights are protected and that you limit the number of mistakes that could result in an unsuccessful adoption process by having a skilled attorney on your side.

Don’t wait! Before starting the adoption process, speak with Winghaven Law, LLC! Contact us online now to get started.

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