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Frequently Asked Questions About Missouri Family Law

Answers from an O'Fallon Divorce Attorney

At Winghaven Law, LLC, we understand that divorce and separation can be difficult to deal with, and for most families, it is their first time becoming involved in the Missouri legal system. In this section, we have compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding divorce and family law; however, if you find yourself still seeking information about your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact a trusted O'Fallon divorce lawyer from our team as soon as possible.

Will I need to go to court?
With any legal matter, there is always a chance that you may need to go to court; however, when you work with an attorney, your chances of having to proceed with litigation may be greatly reduced. Our firm can determine which course of legal action will work best for you and work to settle the matter outside of court. If your case does go to court, you can be confident that we will be there by your side providing effective representation!

What are the grounds for divorce in Missouri?
The grounds for filing for divorce in Missouri are relatively simple. As long as the spouse filing for divorce states under oath that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court can grant the divorce. In order to learn more about your divorce or the grounds that you may be eligible to file under, contact our firm today and speak with a trusted family lawyer.

Can I get custody of my children?
One of the most highly contested issues in a divorce or separation is child custody. In order to protect yourself, your parental rights, and your children, it is important that you work with our team. We can help ensure that a favorable child custody order is granted on your behalf.

Will I be able to receive spousal support?
Various factors come into play when determining spousal support in the state of Missouri. The court may consider the length of the marriage, the grounds for divorce, and existing court orders as necessary.

How long will my case take?
It is important to remember that no two cases are the same. In order to determine the likely time frame for your situation, you need to consult an attorney about the specifics of your case. For most divorce cases, the process can last more than a year, but it also could only take a few months with the representation of the right attorney and if several issues are uncontested.

How do I determine a visitation schedule with the other parent?
If you are divorcing but you and your spouse have shared custody of your children, then you will need to work with an attorney to help determine what type of visitation schedule will work best for you and your family. We can thoroughly review your situation and determine the best course of action to take for your case.

What are my rights as a victim of domestic violence?
Victims of domestic violence can feel overwhelmed, especially when trying to determine how they can protect themselves and their family members while filing for divorce. At Winghaven Law, LLC, we can advise you regarding the best possible steps to take and work to ensure that you receive a quick and desirable case resolution that protects you and your children from your abuser. You have the right to an attorney, so exercise that right!

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Are you interested in learning more about your divorce or a family law concern that you may be facing? If so, do not hesitate to retain the representation of an experienced and talented legal representative from Winghaven Law, LLC right away. At our firm, we have years of experience providing outstanding representation to our clients and we may be able to help you as well. To learn more about your rights or to speak with an attorney, contact our team today and request a consultation with an O'Fallon divorce lawyer.

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